Fix the Bill - or if not, can someone please explain how this will help Kiwi business to grow?

Date Added: 29th June 2018 from

Business Central is joining the call of other regional business associations and asking the Government to explain how the proposed Employment Relations Amendment Bill will deliver for New Zealand businesses.

"We completely agree with the Government’s goal of developing a more modern, sustainable and high-performing economy, however we aren’t clear how these proposed labour laws will enable this to happen - if anything we’re concerned that they will do the opposite," says John Milford, Chief Executive of Business Central.

"We are deeply concerned that what is being proposed in the Employment Relations Amendment Bill 2018, plus a raft of other related legislation in the pipeline, is going to hold New Zealand back.

"Our members are concerned too. We’re calling on the Government to rethink this Bill. Not just because it’s bad for workplace relations, but because it’s bad for the country.

"We’ve seen the Government change some policies, thanks to the efforts of the coalition’s pragmatism, and we’re appealing for the same sensible thinking here.

"Let’s be clear. We are not against making changes. But the Government’s Future of Work Forum has yet to convene, and we believe this is the proper forum to nut out the answers. It’s out of kilter to develop the legislative framework - which is the vehicle that enables the Government’s strategic aims to be delivered - before the strategic analysis and discussion has been had."

For more information on the joint campaign lead by the Employer and Manufacturers Association, Business Central, Canterbury Employers Chamber of Commerce and Otago Employers Southland see