Clifford Bay Must be Open to all Shipping Lines

Date Added: 2nd November 2012 from WECC

The Wellington Employers’ Chamber of Commerce has welcomed the news that the government is to test the viability of a new ferry terminal at Clifford Bay. 

“This has been on the Chamber’s agenda for many years.   It would have significant economic benefits for both Wellington and the country overall,” said Chamber President Richard Stone.

“A terminal at Clifford Bay would reduce travel time between Wellington and most of the South Island due to both the shortened road and sea components of the journey.  

“Shorter travel times would translate into greater efficiency and increased throughput and would provide a boost to both Marlborough and Wellington as well as to the economy as a whole.  The larger ships that Clifford Bay could accommodate would also be beneficial.

“It is important that the terminal caters for road and rail transport; freight and foot passengers.  It must also be open to all shipping lines not just government-owned KiwiRail.  There is currently competition on the Wellington to Picton route and this must translate to Clifford Bay.  

“It is likely that some ferries would still travel from Wellington to Picton boosting that town’s potential as a tourist destination enabling Clifford Bay to focus on freight and longer haul passengers. 

“This announcement is most welcome.  We are confident that the government study will show the proposal stacks up. It would be great if construction could commence as soon as possible after that,” Mr Stone concluded.

For more information contact Richard Stone on 021 655 994