Westpac Smarts: Recruiting Newcomers

Date: Friday 26 Jul 2019     Time: 12:30pm to 1:30pm

Venue: Wellington Chamber of Commerce, Level 7, 3-11 Hunter St

Like many parts of the country, Wellington has had a long standing skills shortage. With a disconnect between the skills business need, and the skilled staff available, immigration opens a whole new pool to recruit from.

Connecting with skilled migrant workers is a great solution to bridge the gap but it’s not without its challenges too, particularly around visas. If you’ve dealt with visas before, I’m sure you’ll agree that it can be a complicated process with limited access to information or support. With visa rules becoming increasingly complex, it’s hard for businesses to know what their options are, what’s involved, and what the risks are.

To clear the confusion and highlight the benefits, Westpac Smarts is bringing licenced veteran Immigration Adviser, Lukas Sousa.

Lukas has worked with Malcolm Pacific Immigration for 5 years, delivering solutions for businesses recruiting migrant workers. As a migrant himself, Lukas is closely connected with migrant communities, helping him to understand and give guidance from both sides.

You’ll also hear from Cameron Pritchard, who manages Malcolm Pacific Immigration’s Wellington team. Cameron has helped employers and individuals throughout the lower North and the South Island successfully traverse the immigration process.

Lukas and Cameron will outline what to be aware to comply with Immigration policy. They’ll also deliver an update on coming changes to immigration to help you understand how your business might be affected.

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