WannaCry Virus alert

Date Added: 15th May 2017 from

Cyber-attacks cost New Zealanders $257 million each year*. And in light of the recent worldwide wave of attacks via the Wannacry Virus, this figure should have renewed meaning for every business in NZ. The attack uses malware to encrypt victims data and demands victims pay a ransom to have their data restored. It is reported to target a known vulnerability in Windows operating systems. See more about New Zealand authorities' advice on Wannacry on the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) website or read about its international impact on Business-standard.com.

But it's not all doom and gloom. Like all areas of your business, a risk that can be identified is a risk that can be managed. You need to be asking yourself "What are my high risk areas, what will it cost me if they happen, what safeguards do I have in place and are they enough?"

To help in this area our friends at Kaon Security have put together 12 Questions to ask your cyber Security Team. The tendency can be to "leave it to the experts" when it comes to IT, but remember – you're the expert on your business and it's your data that is at risk. You may not know the questions to ask right now, but it is worth your while to find out. This document is a good starting point.

If you have experienced a Wannacry related attack, or any other cyber security problem, you should report it to CertNZ. They are also a great resource for cyber security information, for both IT professionals and the rest of us. Check out their guides for Businesses and Individuals here.

Keep an eye on our website for upcoming Cyber Security events and workshops. This is a growing issue for NZ businesses and as such it is a topic we have covered in the past and will be revisiting in the future.

* Grant Thornton International Business Report 2016/ New Zealand's Cyber Security Strategy 2016