Polytecs crucial to New Zealand's success

The Government's actions to shore up the financial positions of both the Wellington region's polytechnics is a step in the right direction, according to Wellington Chamber of Commerce CE John Milford.

"Improving New Zealand's productivity requires businesses having the skills they need to grow, innovate, and export. This requires a local, high performing tertiary education sector here," says Wellington Chamber of Commerce CE John Milford.

"Wellington businesses constantly tell us access to skilled labour and vocational training is their top concern," Mr Milford says.

"The Chamber supports a greater focus on the 70 per cent of school leavers who don’t go on to university, as well as improving vocational education beyond just training younger students for their entire career.

"The Government's announcement yesterday to support both WelTec and Whitireia polytechnics is a welcome start.

"I look forward to further work designed to support mid-career workers wanting to quickly develop new skills needed by a constantly changing workforce.

"If achieving this means more government funding then it will be money well spent."

Contact: John Milford


Email: john.milford@wecc.org.nz