Whanganui Employers' Chamber of Commerce membership includes the professional services offered by the Business Central, our parent organisation.

Tap into Business Central's world-class consultancy services in employment and health & safety issues for organisations of all sizes and sectors is our core business.

Our lawyers are available exclusively to members, but the rest of our consultants are available to non-members as well. We aim to provide reliable advice and services at competitive rates (non-members pay a higher hourly rate).

ADVICELINE: 0800 800 362 8:30am-5:30pm, Monday-Friday

One of the biggest benefits of membership is our AdviceLine.

Through the AdviceLine, members can have a free-of-charge 10-minute conversation with one of our expert consultants, who are qualified to give you reassurance and advise you on actions you may need to take. A short phone call might be just what you need to resolve your day-to-day issues in employment law, human resources, employment relations, and health and safety.