Health & Safety


Keeping your employees healthy and free from injuries makes good business sense.

Employers have an important role in managing workplace health and safety, but putting all the pieces together can be a bit overwhelming. The Business Central health and safety team can support you to identify your needs and implement effective safety management programmes. We can help you find solutions that meet the needs of your organization and your employees.

What We Do

The health and safety team provide

  • high quality, practical advice and assistance to employers in all areas of health and safety management.
  • advice, audits and pre-audits for the ACC Workplace Incentive programmes.

Our health and safety specialists have a background of working in industry, the service sector and government. This experience gives them an in-depth understanding of the practical issues that face employers in meeting their health and safety obligations and managing ACC responsibilities.

Services We Offer

Management support and coaching:

  • Project management for in-house health and safety programme development and implementation
  • Coaching/mentoring of staff who are in a health and safety role within an organisation
  • External health and safety services for employers who do not have the resources within their organisation
  • Independent and specialist accident investigation
  • Advice and representation for employers who are facing enforcement action from the Department of Labour.

ACC Workplace incentive programmes

  • A pre-audit or audit service - we have ACC-approved auditors who undertake WSMP and Partnership Programme audits
  • Representation for employers in ACC reviews
  • Advice and training on meeting Partnership Programme requirements and implications of changes to the Partnership Programme.


  • Approved training for health and safety representatives, stage 1 and stage 2, stage 3
  • Practical health and safety management
  • Accident investigation, contractors, hazard management, etc
  • In house training designed to meet your individual needs.


  • Represent employer interests in the development (or changes to) health and safety and ACC legislation, codes of practice and guidelines
  • Advise Business Central members on the implications of changes.

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