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Individual Employment Agreement Compliance Check

Under the Employment Relations Act 2000 employers must retain and be able to supply to an employee a signed copy of their individual employment agreement or individual terms and conditions of employment. Failure to comply with the requirement of the Employment Relations Act 2000 can be punishable by penalties of up to $20,000.00.


HR Health Check

Assessment of existing employment processes and documentation against employment legislation and best practise.  Outcome is a full report with appropriate comments and recommendations.  Includes;

  • A compliance review of one permanent staff employment agreement (this is not a full review it simply checks for legislative and best practice provisions)
  • A questionnaire about current employment documentation and processes 
  • A rating list to be completed by the employer to assess their understanding of current issues and any recent changes in the law.

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Bullying and Harassment Policy $150 $225
Disciplinary and Poor Performance Policy $100 $150
Conflicts of Interest Policy $80 $120
Drug and Alcohol Policy $150 $225
Employee Health and Wellbeing (including stress management) Policy $150 $225
Expenses Policy $80 $120
Gift Policy $80 $120
Credit card and fuel Card Policy $80 $120
Holidays and Leave Policy $150 $225
Intermittent and Long Term Sickness Policy $150 $225
Protected Disclosure Policy $150 $225
Motor Vehicle Policy $80 $120
Smoking Policy $80 $120
Use of Telecommunications, Technology and Social Media Policy (including internet) $150 $225

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