Skilled Newcomers Programme

Our Newcomer Skills Matching Programme matches the skills of newcomers with the needs of employers in the Wellington region.


We provide candidates that match the needs of employers free of charge as well as ongoing support in employment.

If you are looking for highly skilled and qualified people, please contact the Government Programmes Manager on 04 470 9940 or to find out more.

Our current Newcomers have skills in the following areas:

  • Graphic designer
  • 3D artist
  • Hospital or medical centre support
  • Spanish teacher
  • Interpreter
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Software developer
  • Administrator
  • Foreign trade assistant
  • IT project manager
  • Media relations
  • Electrical and assembly engineer
  • IT Help desk support
  • Publishing
  • Computer trainer
  • Electrician
  • Market researcher
  • Cook
  • Marketing
  • Printer
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Health and Safety supervisor
  • Communications
  • Business analyst
  • Teacher
  • Banker
  • Logistics
  • Maintenance engineer
  • Journalist
  • System analysis
  • Java developer
  • Network engineer
  • Human resources
  • Website developer
  • System technician
  • Trade advisor

If you want information on employing migrants, the visa options available to you, and how to help your new employees settle in New Zealand directly from Immigration NZ - click here


The programme also assists newcomers with their career pathway development.

When you contact us, we will assess your job readiness and, depending on the result, may take the following steps:

  • refer you to a support agency to assist with refining your Curriculum Vitae and cover letter
  • help you identify with the job market and source new employment opportunities
  • link you to our employers who are looking for staff
  • motivate and encourage you to find suitable work
  • support you through the interview and appointment process
  • provide updates on Business Central-sourced employment opportunities
  • offer you ongoing career support and advice.

Am I eligible?

The programme is open to people new to New Zealand in the Wellington region. You are eligible to use our employment services if you have been in New Zealand less than 2 years and are:

  • a skilled migrant or refugee
  • a partner of a skilled migrant
  • on a work to residence visa
  • transitioning from a student to work visa

For more information

Please contact us: