The Voice of Business in Wellington City

The Wellington Chamber of Commerce (formerly the Wellington Regional Chamber of Commerce) has been in the business of encouraging regional development and representing the region's businesses since 1856.

In its early years it was instrumental in shaping the region's infrastructure. Today our members, who range from major corporations to sole traders, continue to benefit from the broad pro-business policy platform promoted by the chamber and the close personal networks and contacts membership brings.

As well as being an accredited chamber of commerce and a founding member of the New Zealand Chambers of Commerce (Inc), we are a branch of Business Central (formerly known as Employers' Chamber of Commerce Central) which was formed out of the 2010 merger with the Employers and Manufacturers Association (Central).

The Wellington Chamber of Commerce is responsible for providing a range of services for Wellington members. These range from lobbying and advocacy work on Wellington issues through to running events and training courses in Wellington. We issue chamber of commerce trade documentation such as Carnets and Certificates of Origin and provide trade facilitation services through the global chamber network.

We also offer a full range of advisory services on employment law, occupational health and safety and other elements of human resource management under the Business Central brand.

We believe that as the major economic contributors to our region, businesses need to have centralised representation. Not only do we actively promote pro-business policy, we aim to help the vibrant and unique businesses of our region to be the best they can.

The membership of the Wellington Chamber of Commerce stands at around 1,500 - by far the biggest business network in town. If your business is not a member it should be.

The Wellington Chamber of Commerce is proud to be working with and supporting business in Wellington. This site will tell you what we're about and our membership managers would be delighted to pay you a visit to discuss the full benefits of membership.