Chamber supports collaborative approach to ‘Hobbit Law’

New arrangements unanimously agreed to by the Film Industry Working Group are welcomed by the Wellington Chamber of Commerce.

"The changes to the ‘Hobbit Law’ from 2010 to allow for collective bargaining and the prohibition on strike action is a fair compromise between the film industry and its workers," says Wellington Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive John Milford.

"The changes add flexibility to the work arrangements in the sector, but also mean the industry continues to be internationally competitive and that the jobs remain in New Zealand."

"The film industry is vitally important to Wellington, directly adding $260 million to the local economy in 2017, as well as 2500 jobs. That is set to continue with the filming of the next two Avatar films in and around our region, so from our point of view, keeping production here is a must."

Contact: Brent Webling

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