Business Central welcomes cash for Marton research facility

Date Added: 27th November 2019 from

Business Central welcomes Provincial Growth Fund support for a ground-breaking commercial bio-plastics research facility, to be built in Marton.

"This has great potential, both for the environment by turning waste material from timber processing into compostable and renewable alternatives to petroleum-based plastic products, and economically for the Manawatu-Whanganui region," says Chief Executive John Milford.

"The 200 jobs it will create when it’s fully operational in early 2022 will be the boost the region, and Marton in particular, needs.

"It’s another big step in business exploring opportunities to do the right thing and play a big part in developing a circular economy, and could really put Marton on the map internationally.

"It’s also a prime example of what can happen when organisations collaborate. In this case it wasn’t so much businesses but all the councils in the central North Island, and in particular Palmerston North City Council, and they are all to be congratulated for making the path for this project easier.

"They are often criticised for putting roadblocks in the way of progress, but this is the opposite of that.

"Let’s hope this is reflective of a new attitude and approach by those councils to projects that take us forward."