Overhaul of NCEA brings focus on foundation workplace skills

Date Added: 14th May 2019 from

The Government’s overhaul of NCEA contains a number of improvements that will better serve students and employers in the years ahead, says Business Central.

"Education Minister Chris Hipkins is better aligning NCEA’s focus to the skills businesses need, especially for students heading straight into the workforce," says Chief Executive John Milford.

"Literacy and numeracy are foundation skills essential for young people looking to enter the workforce and get ahead. The proposed changes mean students will be assessed to a common benchmark, making the requirements more reliable and credible to employers.

"The establishment of a Vocational Entrance Award, alongside University Entrance (UE) is a welcome development showing a student is well prepared for higher-level vocational education training.

"These changes will better prepare students for life after school, particularly those not intending to continue into tertiary study and who will enter the workforce instead.

"It is also nice to see the Government abolishing NCEA fees, meaning recognised qualifications are available to all regardless of family income.