Pay Equity Bill supported by Business Central

Date Added: 22nd July 2020 from

The improved Pay Equity Bill has been welcomed by Business Central, who are pleased with the progress after two years in the House.

Business Central is part of the BusinessNZ network, one of the parties in the Pay Equity Joint Working Group that agreed on the recommendations for pay equity bargaining and claims process.

"Women should be paid the same as men for jobs of equal value, it’s good to see the bill finally progressing so issues arising can be dealt with in the appropriate manner," says John Milford, Chief Executive of Business Central.

"This bill reaffirms women’s rights to equal pay and sets out a process for claims for pay inequity based on gender. It is decent progress on the issue after two years of back-and-forth."

"The business community is committed to supporting this bill and the outcomes and we’re looking forward to seeing it passed before Parliament rises."