RMA overhaul needs to go-ahead

Date Added: 24th July 2019 from

Reform of the Resource Management Act to achieve better environmental and economic outcomes will hopefully quickly follow the Government's announcement today of an RMA working group, says Business Central.

"Having called for an overhaul of the RMA for some time, we applaud the Government's steps to produce concrete legislative changes within the next 12 months," says Chief Executive John Milford.

"Local planning reform is urgently needed to deliver on key public expectations, including affordable housing developments, high water quality, and job-producing economic growth.

"Since its beginning in 1991, the RMA has been patched and amended multiple times as governments have grappled with emerging challenges. Some 30 years later, significant developments such as climate change and large-scale infrastructure construction means the time is right for a major rethink.

"The Government has received expert advice from the Productivity Commission, the OECD, Local Government NZ, and the Environmental Defence Society, together with the Employers and Manufacturers Association, the Property Council and Infrastructure NZ.

"Improving the planning and funding of new infrastructure needs to go beyond just RMA reform. We encourage the Government to look seriously at the Productivity Commission's work on local government funding and work with councils on improving councils’ asset management.

"Now is the time for action."