Let's see what Shelly Bay developers are offering, says Chamber

The developers of Shelly Bay Taikuru should be given a chance to show how it will benefit the city now it has received resource consent confirmation, says Wellington Chamber of Commerce.

"Issues around this development have been a thorn in our side for years. Now that the independent panel has given it unanimous consent it’s time to get around the table and see what Taranaki Whānui and The Wellington Company have put together.

"Wellington desperately needs new housing to cater for its growing population.

"We all need to commit to moving Wellington forward not arguing it to a standstill.

"Shelly Bay is a great place with wonderful potential and I, for one, look forward to seeing what comes out of the public workshops and the feedback they’re seeking.

"They’re clearly vested in being an active and good citizen of the Miramar Peninsula, particularly around environmental considerations, and that’s to be applauded."


Contact: Brent Webling

Phone: 021 821 383