QR scanning and Vaccine passes likely to go, Red Light changes will do little, survey finds

A snapshot survey by the Wellington Chamber of Commerce has found most businesses expect to drop their QR codes rules and vaccine pass requirements on 4 April, but most businesses do not expect changes to the Government’s Traffic Light system to have much impact.

Only one third of businesses believe the loosening of Red settings will have a positive impact, with a majority expecting no impact at all from the changes.

“The more the restrictions loosen, the more our members will bounce back - but that’s always in the context of public health and safety” said Simon Arcus, Chief Executive of the Wellington Chamber of Commerce.

“We welcome the changes to outdoor dining requirements, outdoor gathering limits, because it sends the right message – it can be done safely and encourages confidence in returning to restaurants and hosting gatherings. But in the back of everyone’s minds we are still at Red, and tweaks to this setting can only go so far.

The survey found that just 7% of businesses intended to operate a My Vaccine Pass system after the requirement goes on April 4th and just 5% of businesses intend to continue asking customers to scan in with QR codes, with 85% planning to stop doing so.

“Removing compliance is a good start. Public servants, employees, customers, and tourists returning to the City is what’s needed next.”

The snapshot survey of 117 businesses was conducted over a four day period following the Government’s announcement, and respondents include business leaders from across Wellington and wider Central New Zealand.

View the whole survey result.