Nearly half of Wellingtonians accessing ultra-fast internet

Date Added: 22nd November 2019 from

Wellington's increasing uptake of ultra-fast broadband will help cement our reputation as a creative capital where high-tech start-ups want to be, according to the Wellington Chamber of Commerce.

"The government's fibre roll-out programme means 44 per cent of Wellington's households and businesses are now accessing the internet at lightning speeds," says Chief Executive John Milford.

"This is really impressive infrastructure that enables businesses to dramatically improve their productivity and reach markets they could never dream of before.

"It demonstrates what is possible when the government thinks ahead and partners with private companies to deliver 21st century infrastructure.

"The government's goal is to deploy fibre-to-the-premises to 87 per cent of the country by 2022, so far they are ahead of schedule having reached 87 per cent of their goal.

"I encourage all businesses and families to check out their ability to access ultra-fast broadband and see for themselves how everyday tasks like watching a movie or doing their accounts can be made so much easier.

"The challenge now is for more Wellington businesses to adopt faster broadband and the advantages it brings.

"Wellington is home to an exciting mix of online companies and start-ups. Having innovative companies so close to their new customers will push further development."