SMEs will welcome digital platform to cut compliance

Date Added: 18th July 2019 from

Small businesses will welcome a digital platform announced today to streamline the way they interact with government agencies and cut out repetitive paperwork, says Wellington Chamber of Commerce and Business Central.

"Anything that cuts bureaucracy and gives owners of small businesses time to focus on growing their business is a good thing," says Chief Executive John Milford.

"They are constantly telling us in our surveys that the cost and time they spend on compliance is one of the main barriers they face so I’m anticipating this platform will be popular.

"Being able to apply for, manage, track and access services from government agencies, and to apply for permits, licences and consents and be notified online of approvals and renewals without repeating the same information and documentation will make a big difference, particularly to companies with small staffs.

"We eagerly await to see how beneficial the pilot will be, and we will be actively monitoring feedback from our members who participate.

"I encourage businesses to register for a New Zealand Business Number so they get their details on the platform ahead of the expected launch in October."