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Westpac Smarts: Getting AI into your business

Wellington Chamber of Commerce | Level 13, NTT Tower 157 Lambton Quay Wellington, 6011
Event date
12:00pm - 1:30pm

In this presentation, John-Daniel Trask, co-founder & CEO at Raygun, will walk through the process that he undertook to ensure that the entire Raygun business was leveraging current AI tooling. This goes beyond using only ChatGPT, and explores other models, and what's coming up next for business in the field of AI.

One of the key challenges is that AI sounds like something only nerds would be interested in, or able to leverage. This is entirely untrue, and John-Daniel will speak to the experience of taking everyone - from hardcore engineer, to low-tech team members - on a journey of discovery with AI.

As we all know, New Zealand struggles with productivity levels vs. our peers, and AI opens the door to not only improve this, but make a real step change in the effectiveness of everyone in our organisations. This session is designed to focus on the practical steps you can take, and less about exploring the dreamy possibilities of the next 10 years.


12pm-12.30pm – Networking

12.30pm-1.15pm – Presentation

1.15pm-1.30pm- Open Q&A

Speaker Bio

John-Daniel Trask is the co-founder & CEO of Raygun, a software diagnostics business with thousands of customers around the world. John-Daniel has been involved in the creation of multiple tech businesses and exits. He loves living at the intersection of business and technology, and sees both as mechanisms to improve society. He and his businesses are multiple award winners, as Massey University's Alumni of the Year, New Zealand Hi-Tech Innovative Software Product and Wellingtonian of the Year for New Thinking. John-Daniel is based in Wellington, New Zealand, with his young family and when not coding or building businesses he can be found drinking whiskey and playing Starcraft 2.

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