Just one day left for businesses to submit on proposed employment law changes

Date Added: 29th March 2018 from

Wellington Chamber of Commerce and Business Central are encouraging their members and the wider business community to make a submission on the Employment Relations Amendment Bill before the close-off tomorrow, March 30. This echoes similar calls from other business groups such as the Employers and Manufacturers Association and BusinessNZ.

“We’ve got some concerns about the impact these changes will have on businesses and on the relationship between employers and employees,” says John Milford, Chief Executive.

“We want to support, reinforce and enhance good faith relationships in the workplace, rather than treat the employer and employee relationship as one that is oppositional or adversarial.

“During the 2017 election, the parties that make up the now Coalition Government campaigned on a range of employment law changes. The Employment Relations Amendment Bill makes the first of these changes.

“We recognise that the bill reflects the views of the Coalition Government and it will proceed in some form, so we’re constructively recommending some changes to the bill to accommodate the change of direction, while at the same time limiting negative consequences for the ability of business to prosper and grow for the benefit of all New Zealanders.

“To help businesses make their own submission we’ve produced a short template guide, which is available on our website.

“We look forward to making our submission to Parliament’s Select Committee and encourage others to do the same.”