Business welcomes Waitomo’s arrival in Wellington City

Businesses will welcome today’s opening in Wellington City of fuel cost-cutter Waitomo’s second site in the region, says Business Central.

"This is further good news because competition is always good for any market, and particularly when it involves a disrupting company like Waitomo," says Chief Executive John Milford.

"It’s particularly good when it comes to a place like Wellington that has been paying some of the highest prices in the country.

"Their presence tends to force down the prices offered by nearby competitors, and that has proved to be the case since they opened in Upper Hutt six weeks ago, where prices have been down as low as 20c across all brands.

"Yesterday, fuel prices there were up to 16c per litre lower than in Wellington, and I believe Waitomo will have the same effect after they open today on Hutt Road.

"It’s good news for businesses that rely on transport to move goods, especially coming a day after the Government’s 3.5c tax rise."

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