Community Recovery Programme a win for the regions

Community Recovery Programme a win for the regions

The rollout of the Mayors Taskforce for Jobs (MTFJ) Community Recovery Programme to an additional 23 Councils is fantastic news for young people in the regions, Business Central Chief Executive, John Milford, says.

"We know that youth unemployment in rural New Zealand is a major issue that is only being exacerbated by the economic impacts of COVID-19", says Milford.

"The Community Recovery Programme - which will assist SMEs with recruitment, training and subsidies for young workers - will go a long way to the prosperity of the regions, of young people, and young families".

The Community Recovery Programme is a collaboration between the Ministry of Social Development and the Mayors Taskforce for Jobs and will provide rural councils with up to $500,000 to create at least 50 sustainable employment positions. The Programme was initially piloted across four councils and, proving its success, has now expanded nationwide.

"Every job that is created for a young person through this initiative is a win for the regions both now, and in the years to come.

"COVID-19 will come and go, but the negative impacts of unemployment at a young age remain. This is a truly impactful collaboration between central and local government".


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