Businesses encouraged to ask visitors and customers to scan in

Businesses encouraged to ask visitors and customers to scan in

With the news that the latest Covid community case visited several businesses, including a restaurant in Wellington, this is an important reminder to continue scanning the Covid-tracer QR codes, says the John Milford, Chief Executive of the Wellington Chamber of Commerce and Business Central.

"This recent community case is a good wake-up call for people to remain vigilant. It remains mandatory for all businesses to have the Covid-tracer QR code visible at entrances, but we’d go one further and say that businesses should also be encouraging visitors and customers to scan in.

"This recent case reinforces the importance of everyone to use the app, or sign into locations, and to keep a record of where they have been. Just fewer than 20 people received the close-contact alert from the app after the latest community case was announced, despite that several locations had been visited.

"Any app is only as good as its user. Download the app, scan the code, and encourage people visiting your business to do so too.

"Notifications get sent out to people who logged on with the Covid-tracer app at these businesses, with the alert has advised users that they may have been in contact with Covid-19. It works - if it’s been used.

"We have to find ways of living that keep us safe in an uncertain Covid context, the country can’t afford another lockdown. The Covid-tracer app means health officials can alert people and ringfence any outbreak as quickly as possible. So use it."

Contact: John Milford

Phone: 027 580 3064