New online building consents a step in the right direction

New online building consents a step in the right direction

The implementation of an end-to-end online service for building consents has been welcomed by the Wellington Chamber of Commerce.

“Wellington City Council have taken a huge step forward in the right direction with this end-to-end online consenting portal,” says John Milford, Wellington Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive.

The service allows applicants to submit their building consent applications via the portal.

“Making it easier to engage with council in an efficient, business-like way must continue be a top priority.

“We understand that the system provider will soon be able to deliver through the portal a number of council services that are currently only in-person and paper-based. The Chamber looks forward to these being adopted quickly as they become available.

“Furthermore, we want to congratulate the 20 councils that have worked together under the ‘GoShift’ banner to develop this system, including the other seven in the Greater Wellington region, who have this already up and running. There’s no reason this can’t be replicated for other council service areas – exactly what the ‘shared services’ idea is all about.

“The ultimate goal must be a one-stop-shop for all council consenting and regulatory processes that are efficient, reliable, cost-effective and that work for the user.”


For more information contact John Milford, 027 580 3064