Regional Skills Leadership group applauded by Wellington Chamber

Regional Skills Leadership group applauded by Wellington Chamber

The Wellington Chamber of Commerce has today welcomed the announcement of Regional Skills Leadership Group and believes the group is well balanced for the job ahead.

"The labour market and skills required for the future of work in our region are constantly changing," says John Milford, Chief Executive of the Wellington Chamber.

"We need to ensure our young people are being equipped with the skills and knowledge required to be fit for purpose when they enter the workforce.

"We know many of the group well and trust they will add value and depth to the conversation. They’ve cast the net wide for many different perspectives. You’ve got business leaders from different industries and the public service, all of whom are leading employers in our region.

"The private sector will continue to be the main employer in the region. To have their voice at the table, expressing their needs for the next 10 to 20 years is  important for the continued growth of our economy."

"We are particularly excited that Katy Ellis (of Mojo Coffee and one of our board members), Siuai Fiso (Connect Global), Dan McGuinness (LT Guinness), and James Ardern (J.H. Whittakers) have all been selected to represent the business community. All four representatives are members of our organisation and are leaders in their sectors. We congratulate them on their selection and back them to be the business voice in the group.


Contact: John Milford

Phone: 027 580 3064