Te Awe Library - a welcome addition in the middle of the city

Te Awe Library - a welcome addition in the middle of the city

The Wellington Chamber of Commerce welcomes the soon-to-be opened Te Awe pop-up Library as the newest addition to Lambton Quay.

"Given the situation with the Central Library, we think the pop-up libraries are a great bit of initiative and utilize the city’s empty ground-floor spaces well," says John Milford, Wellington Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive.

"Like the Arapaki and He Matapihi libraries, we hope that Te Awe attracts more people to Lambton Quay and creates a halo effect for the rest of the street.

"Lambton Quay is typically one of the busiest streets in Wellington during the week, but the post-lockdown recovery has been slower than expected. Hopefully, with the new library and school holidays, kids and parents alike will be keen to explore the new site.

"Credit should also go to the City Council for the pop-up libraries and their utilization of the ground-floor of the city. They’ve picked key sites with good levels of foot traffic and high visibility.

"We’ll be interested to see the impact these pop-up libraries have on the surrounding business community and the amount of patronage they each get while the Council decides on the future of the Central Library.

"We think they could have a long-term future in the city."


Contact: John Milford

Phone: 027 580 3064