Boost to city’s housing supply welcomed

Date Added: 10th April 2015 from

The approval of 13 further sites for housing development under the Housing Accord with the Government is very good news for Wellington, says Wellington Employers' Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive John Milford.

"We need more new housing in the city, so the decision by the council to recommend these further sites is a very good move.

"Now we just need to get on and build them.

"The streamlining of regulations and fast-tracking of consents allowed by the Housing Accord are designed to ensure things can move quickly from here, and the city must take full advantage of that.

"In the short-term, these projects will be a boost for the local economy, with the flow-on effect of new housing welcomed by many local businesses.

"This has real benefit for our small to medium tradies, electrical, builders, and plumbers.

"In the long-term, there will be a sense of renewal in the areas chosen for development, which will in turn give a further boost to Wellington's diversity.

"Together with the five sites remaining from the eight previously recommended, these 13 will make a big difference to the city's housing stock, which has been lagging behind the forecast population growth, and will improve affordability."