Budget R&D announcement opportunities for Wellington business

Date Added: 14th April 2015 from

Wellington businesses are perfectly placed to take advantage of the extra $80 million the Government will put into research and development, says Wellington Employers' Chamber of Commerce.

Chief Executive John Milford said the boost in funding announced by the Government today as part of the 2015 Budget will be welcomed by business.

"This is a real opportunity for businesses across the Wellington region, particularly those in manufacturing and information and communications technology (ICT) where we are very strong.

"To date, the uptake has been lower than expected, so the challenge is to take advantage of this opportunity for growth.

"Of the 539 companies that are already participating in the scheme, 65 are Wellington companies, so there is room for even more.

"For example, our ICT sector, which is the most exciting and fastest growing in New Zealand and by its very nature has to be innovative, is perfectly placed to take advantage of the extra funding.

"Wellington has the highest concentration of web-based and digital technology companies per capita in New Zealand, and we have 23% of all jobs in the computer system design sector, so the region would benefit hugely from companies receiving these grants."