Chamber welcomes new regional council chair

Date Added: 30th June 2015 from

Wellington Employers' Chamber of Commerce welcomes the election of Chris Laidlaw as Greater Wellington Regional Chair.

"Chris Laidlaw is a strong advocate for councils and stakeholders working together - exactly what the region needs," says John Milford, Chief Executive.

"His election is a step in the right direction. Now it's time to ensure that politicking doesn't continue to get in the way of achieving the right outcomes for the region.

"Having held regional portfolios, Chris Laidlaw has the experience and insight to bring it together.

"Our economy and regional development continues to lag behind others, and councillors need to keep their eye on issues that will help move us forward."

The Chamber also acknowledged outgoing chair Fran Wilde and her contribution.

"Fran Wilde was chair for eight years, during which time the region made great strides across a range of issues.

"It is thanks to Fran Wilde that many issues got onto the table. She was also a great supporter of changing the governance of the region, something the vast majority of businesses in the region are calling for."

For more information contact Brent Webling 021 821 383