Wellington benefits from Cricket World Cup Matches

Date Added: 30th June 2015 from

The big spending boost experienced by Wellington from its four Cricket World Cup matches in May proves again just how valuable the events business is to the city, says the Wellington Employers' Chamber of Commerce.

Chief Executive John Milford says the direct spend by an estimated 30,000 out-of-town visitors of $35 million for the four matches and the bump in GDP of $40 million was a great result.

"This is further evidence of how valuable the events business can be if we get it right.

"We are pleasantly surprised at the numbers but makes sense with the teams based here, big turnout at the games and high overseas visitor numbers."

"This is exactly the sort of events that the downtown levy should be used to attract. The Chamber continues to support PWT in promoting the city as the events capital of New Zealand and to continue to proactively search for new opportunities.

"The region must do all it can to search for events that make a difference to our economy. They bring in money, create jobs and introduce new people to our great city, hopefully resulting in return visits.

"This is part of the jigsaw we need to boost our economy from which everyone benefits."