Don't gamble with staff retention!

A successful remuneration strategy is vital for retaining and attracting the employees.

You can gain access to New Zealand’s most authoritive pay information at a low cost by contributing data to the National Employers Wage and Salary Survey.

A joint initiative of New Zealand’s four regional employer organisations, the survey has been conducted for 14 years, and is New Zealand’s most comprehensive measure of remuneration related income. It also measures trends in other benefits such as superannuation schemes and holidays.

What you get

As a survey participant, you will receive:

  • general information on the participating employers’ remuneration policies and practices.
  • an authoritative commentary of the current state of the New Zealand economy and labour market.
  • descriptions for all the survey positions within the fields to which you provide data.
  • remuneration summaries for all the positions within the fields to which you provide data.

The more you give, the more you get

For those positions that you provide data, you will also receive:

  • customised remuneration reports reflecting the salary rates and benefits based on geographic regions, industry types and revenue bandings.
  • individual comparisons reflecting your data against national remuneration data.

Survey participants pay less than one third of the price paid by non participants who purchase a report.

Remuneration is becoming more complex. Ensure you are up with the play and your remuneration levels are competitive.