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Selector assessment tools as part of your recruitment process, help you hire the best candidates and identify the best way to keep great staff.

Selector's candidate profiles assist you to determine whether the person fits the role, team and organisation, how they are likely to perform, and what motivates them.

From operations-level staff right through to senior and executive management, Selector's tools provide information for reference checking, best management practice, employee reward systems and performance management.

Selector Insight

Selector Insight is an online assessment that combines the accessibility of the Internet with the accuracy of a statistically-sound psychometric assessment to bring cost-effective behavioural profiling directly to your desktop.

Every day, around the globe, human resource managers, employers and professional recruiters appreciate Selector Insight's valuable contribution to candidate screening and selection, and the fine tuning of teams and work environments.

Selector Insight measures a candidate's ability, personal style, ideal working environment, ideal job and their resilience to stress or pressure.

Clear decision making

Adding behavioural profiling to your recruitment regime gives you an extra dimension to the picture you create of each candidate. This provides insight into the candidate's character, beyond their technical qualification, that they may not have even been aware of themselves.

No formal training is required to administer Selector Insight and the easy-to-read report uses clear and concise language to evaluate and provide a comprehensive interpretation of each scale.

Selector also provides variants on Selector Insight for professional services graduates and shop-floor retail staff.


Members: $255 + GST

Non-Members: $385 + GST

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