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Selector's assessments can significantly raise the probability of choosing the best candidate and retaining your best talent.

From operations staff through to executive management, Selector's tools along with their expert advice, provide crucial information, often overlooked in interviews. With objective information about behaviours, reasoning skills, stress responses, and job-related skills you are better informed and able to make decisions with confidence.

A range of over 1000 assessments is available, the most popular explained below.

Selector Insight

Selector Insight is an online assessment that combines the accessibility of the internet with the accuracy of a statistically-sound psychometric assessment to bring cost-effective profiling directly to your desktop.

Everyday employers, human resource managers, and professional recruiters appreciate Selector Insight's valuable contribution to candidate screening and selection. In one tool Selector Insight captures vast information on reasoning abilities, personal style, ideal working environment, ideal job, and typical stress responses.

Selector Professional Development

Good leaders are vital to business growth and success. With our Selector Leadership solution leaders are assessed against 3,600 other NZ leaders, interviewed by a Registered Psychologist, and a foundational document for ongoing leadership development is provided.

Employers use the Selector Leadership solution to coach and develop current and future leaders, to leverage strengths and address developmental needs and to develop a talent pipeline.


The HPTI uses science to predict professional and leadership potential to succeed. In one short assessment the HPTI measures conscientiousness, adjustment, curiosity, risk approach, ambiguity acceptance and competitiveness. This assessment is suitable for screening professional and middle management roles, personal development and can be used for constructing balanced and diverse teams.

Skills Tests

An extensive library of skills tests is available, including Microsoft assessments, computer and software literacy, industry-specific tests, basic mathematics, and comprehension and many more. These tests answer the question: “Does this applicant have the skills to hit the ground running?”

Safety Risk Assessment

This risk management profile is a measure identifies poor safety attitudes, safety behaviour (including driving behaviour), safety perception, impulse control, stress tolerance and conscientiousness. This assessment is particularly useful in high-risk environments such as transportation, warehousing, mining, agriculture, and forestry.


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