ATA Carnets

What is an ATA Carnet?

An ATA Carnet is a Customs document that facilitates the temporary export of goods overseas, and is valid for up to one year.

Carnets are issued and guaranteed by national organisations around the world. The terms and conditions of the ATA Carnet System are enforced through written agreements between guaranteeing associations of the ATA Carnet chain and the World Chambers Federation in Paris.

The Wellington Employers' Chamber of Commerce is the sole guaranteeing and issuing association for New Zealand.

Advantages of Using a Carnet

Saves You Money

A Carnet allows the temporary duty free admission of goods into foreign countries. You don't need to put up security bonds at each Customs point, which avoids the worry of retrieving your funds from each foreign agency when the goods exit.

Saves You Time

You don't need to prepare importation forms for different countries - simply present your Carnet with the goods at each Customs point of entry.

Saves You Hassle

You will avoid the possibility of your goods being confiscated by Customs who may require payment for the release of the goods.

Makes Good Business Sense

You can make Customs arrangements in advance for countries to be visited and at a predetermined cost. You can also make any number of trips with the same goods within the validity period of the Carnet, and additional countries can be added.

Where can I use a Carnet?

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