Carnet Forms & Instructions

Follow the below steps when applying for a Carnet:

Step 1

Complete the application form

Download a copy of the ATA Carnet Application Form.

Step 2

Complete the goodslist form

Complete the goodslist form which best suits your goods and email it as an attachment to

Download the Carnet Goodslist Form

Step 3

Calculate Indemnity

Calculate Indemnity Required using the Security Rate Chart (all figures are a % of your goodslist, please note: Chile is 29% for all goods but not currently listed on the sheet. The minimum bond against a Carnet is $500 NZD)

Download the Security Rate Chart.

Step 4

Complete your indemnity

Complete your indemnity (either by having your bank sign the bank indemnity form or via direct credit or cheque to the Chamber - no form required for the "Cash" indemnity)

Download the Bank Indemnity Form.

Other useful forms & documents