Fees, Penalties & Claims

Information about Carnet Fees.

Please Note:

  • All prices are exclusive of GST.
  • Different courier options are available depending on your needs ranging from an overnight track and trace to same day Pace services.
  • The Chamber cannot guarantee availability of Next Day or Same Day Service.
  • Only 1 overseas country is included in the initial carnet fee.

Carnet Prices

Non-Urgent Service

(Application and Goods List received at least 72 hours* before Carnet is needed)

Goods Value Member Non-Member
<$2500 $250 $400
$2500-$100,000 $280 $430
>$100,000 $305 $455
Urgent Service

(Application and Goods List received between 36-72 hours* before Carnet is needed)

Goods Value Member Non-Member
<$2500 $350 $540
$2500-$100,000 $390 $620
>$100,000 $430 $680
Same Day Service

(Application and Goods List received less than 36 hours* before Carnet is needed)

Goods Value Member Non-Member
<$2500 $400 $650
$2500-$100,000 $450 $700
>$100,000 $500 $750
Extra Trip
Member Non-Member
$45 $60
Goods List Non-Chamber Format
Member Non-Member
$45 $55
Courier Fee
Member Non-Member
$11 $11
Reinstatement, Amendment, or Certified Copy Fee
Member Non-Member
$170 $170
Cancellation Fee
At least 72 hours notice
Member Non-Member
$100 +GST $100 +GST
Cancellation Fee
Less than 72 hours notice
Member Non-Member
Full application feeFull application fee

How do I become a member?

For information on membership, please click here or email us for more information here.

I've got further questions – who can I talk to?

Our international trade team would be happy to speak to you on 0508 227 638 or email the team here.

*Please note:

  • The time frames are based on working days. Public holidays are not included in the hours allowance.
  • The Urgent and Same Day processing times are subject to the Chambers workload and this service cannot be guaranteed.
  • Carnets cannot be sent to customers until the bond/indemnity/security is in place.
  • Both the fully completed and signed application form and goods list must be received by the Chamber within the allotted times above to qualify for a particular price.
  • Carnets and pages requested but unused will still incur all processing fees.

Regularisation Fees

  • Please ensure that the white re-exportation form is completed by US Customs when the goods depart the USA. Goods must be re-exported from the USA prior to the expiry of the Carnet.
  • If the re-exportation counterfoil is not completed by US Customs then a regularisation fee will become payable to the Wellington Chamber of Commerce to cover the penalty fees levied by US Customs.
  • If goods are not re-exported prior to the expiry date, penalty fees, and full payment of taxes/duties will be required.