Certificates of Origin

Certificates of Origin: Complying with new CPTPP

With the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP)­­
coming into force on 30 December for six of the eleven partner countries, we thought you’d like a bit of information on the changes to certificates of origin that will occur. We have put together a document to help answer a number of questions you may have regarding the CPTPP.

The following PDF will cover:

  • What is the CPTPP and what does it mean for New Zealand exporters?
  • Which countries does CPTPP involve and when does CPTPP come into effect?
  • How can I find out whether there is a preferential duty rate under CPTPP for our goods?
  • Are there any other requirements to qualify for preferential duties under CPTPP?
  • How do I show that our goods are of New Zealand Origin?
  • Is a Certificate of Origin required?
  • Does the Chamber of Commerce stamp the Certificate of Origin?
  • If there is no Certificate of Origin form, how do I format a CPTPP certification of origin?

Click here to download the PDF, or If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our team through certs@wecc.org.nz.

Certificates of Origin, Certification and Export Documents

The Wellington Chamber of Commerce can issue Certificates of Origin and certify other trade documents such as Commercial Invoices, Packing Lists, Bill of Ladings, Visa Applications for Members and others on request.

In order for the Chamber to certify documents on behalf of your company you need to email the Chamber Certificate Team to complete a certificate agreement form and setup your account with the Chamber. Once this is completed we will provide you with a Certificate of Origin template form for your use and can start signing your documents.

Please feel free to contact the the international team on  0508 227 638 or by email with any further questions you have.

NZ - China and ASEAN Australia NZ FTA Certificates of Origin

The New Zealand Chambers of Commerce Inc have been approved as a Certified Body able to issue Certificates for your shipments to China or ASEAN countries wanting to take advantage of the benefits provided by the agreements. To apply for these certificates please go to www.chamberdocs.co.nz

Electronic Certs of Origin

The Wellington Chamber of Commerce has introduced an online certification system.  eCert is the fastest and most cost effective way to lodge and have your documents certified, without the need for couriers.

Register and start using eCert now to save time and money.


Note: This system is for use with standard Certificates of Origin.
If you need to process New Zealand China or ASEAN Free Trade Agreement Certificates of Origin, please click HERE

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