Export Guides and Trade Publications

Doing Business in Iran - 2nd edition
The new edition of the guidebook "Doing Business in Iran" has been prepared by Partners of ESK Law Firm, and is written for the post sanction era as a reference regarding the legal and financial atmosphere of Iran. It gives an overview of the legal and professional regulations, investment climate, taxation, forms of business organisation and business practices in Iran. 

ICC Publications

The International Chamber of Commerce produces a number of publications for international trade use such as Incoterms 2010 and UCP 600. The chamber can source these titles for your business plus many others. Contact us with your enquiry or visit www.iccbooks.com 

New Trade Publications added to our Library:

  • The Seongnam Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SNCCI) members product catalog (Korea, March 2012) - Electronics, Instruments, Construction, Communications, Chemistry, Food, Medical, Textiles and Miscellaneous products
  • Asian Council on Construction & Contracting Newsletter,  Edition 1, 2012 (pdf)

Other Trade Information

  • A new "Directory of Exporters" is now available from the Province of Cordoba. The Province of Cordoba is located in the centre of the Argentine Republic, and has become a strategic point for regional connection and integration among the countries in the Common Market of the South (MERCOSUR). Click here to visit the directory.
  • Business Monitor International (BMI)'s leading country risk analysts have just updated their forecasts and views on India's growth and trade outlook, political stability and investment & industry growth prospects and published them in the India Business Forecast Report 2012. Click here for more information.

Country Specific Export Requirements

Saudi Arabia Origin Labelling Requirements

With effect from 27 January 2009, any shipment going to Saudi Arabia without irremoveable labels showing the country of origin affixed on the commodity will be treated as follows:

The importer will have to register electronic confirmation not to repeat the offence and have to stick within two weeks irremoveable labels inside the custom premises or in his warehouse and will be find SR5000.00 and have to pay the customs duties even if the goods are exempted from import duties.

If it is not possible to stock irremoveable labels, the importers shall re-export the goods without being fined.