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A strong business has, at its core, a strong team.

These services help both established and new exporters. A further extension to this is ‘exporters helping exporters’, where the collective advice and lived experience of Kiwi businesses who’ve been there and done that is shared for the common good.

In this section

  • Employment Support

    Providing a pathway for your employment needs, we offer an online employer resources portal containing a range of material to address employment matters.
  • Networking

    We host a number of thought-leading, informational and insightful events throughout the year.
  • Learning and Development

    We offer a wide range of learning solutions to help businesses succeed in today's competitive environment. Our practical solutions reflect the needs and challenges faced by employers every day, and we focus on common sense approaches to handling real-life situations.

  • General Business Support

    We offer a range of programmes to help your business reach its full potential.
  • Representing You

    We advocate to the Government daily on a wide range of issues affecting our members and the economy at large – tax, trade, interest rates, compliance costs, infrastructure, energy, education and many more.
  • International Trade

    We provide practical help with international business solutions, everything from exporting advice and documentation through to advocating to government and ministries around issues relating to international trade.
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