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Sustainability Bootcamp

Wellington Chamber of Commerce, Level 13, NTT Tower, 157 Lambton Quay Wellington 6011 and Online via Zoom
Event date
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$99 + GST
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$99 + GST

From October 24 - November 14

Sign up to Sustainability Bootcamp and begin to map out your business's sustainability plan. You'll gain access to expert guidance, a supportive peer network, and real-time insights that cover vital aspects of sustainable business practices. 

Who will benefit from this Bootcamp? Any organisation interested in improving their internal sustainability practices! The hardest part is getting started, and we're here to help you make that first step.

Our immersive workshop series is an introduction to sustainability, designed for small to medium enterprises, condenses the equivalent of two working days into six manageable sessions spread across three weeks.

We are proud to offer this program at just $99 + GST, thanks to our esteemed partner, Wellington City Council.

Join us in driving positive change and propelling your business towards a more sustainable and prosperous future. 

Session date, times and topics

Session 1 | October 24, 9am-12pm, in-person at Business Central

Introduction and carbon reporting, presented by Ekos

An overview of why and how businesses measure and/or report their carbon emissions. Discussion on recent changes in legislation surrounding carbon reporting and how this affects SMEs. How to use free carbon measurement tools to begin tracking your workplaces greenhouse gas emissions. 

Session 2 | October 31, 9am-10:30am, Online via Zoom

Achieving sustainable transformation, presented by Deloitte

What is the importance of ESG and how to drive sustainable transformation for your workplace. 

Session 3 | November 1, 9am-10:30am, Online via Zoom

Your business, and the circular economy, presented by the Sustainable Business Network

An introduction to the increasingly relevant Circular Economy, and the role of small business in this emerging space.

Session 4 | November 8, 9am-10:30am, Online via Zoom

Bringing people along

An engaging panel discussion featuring Wellington small business owners who are already on their sustainability journey. Gain valuable insights and discover the challenges and successes shared by your fellow entrepreneurs as they navigate the path towards sustainability.

Session 5 | November 9, 9am-1pm, in-person at Business Central

Te Ao Māori presented by Whetu Rangihaeata

An overview of the Māori paradigm and the ways te ao Māori offers a secondary perspective to climate action. 

Session 6 | November 14, 9am-12pm, in-person at Business Central

Let's get going, presented by Ekos

An optional final session to take what you've been able to develop over the course of the bootcamp and transform it into actionable goals with the aid of experts. Support will be on hand for participants that have been able to develop a carbon inventory of their workplace and looking to take steps in reducing their emissions. 

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