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  • Abandonment

    Our premier guide to understanding how to address an employee’s abandonment of employment.
  • Absenteeism

    When an employee is absent from work there are a number of factors to consider. This guide provides information on medical and non-medical absenteeism.

  • Accident Compensation

    This guide covers an employer's obligations when a person suffers a work-related personal injury and is incapacitated.

  • Allowances (Travel & Mileage)

    This guide provides employers with guidelines on travel allowances and includes information on motor vehicle reimbursement rates.

  • Annual Holidays

    Our premier guide to employer obligations under the Holidays Act. It includes definitions of key terms, calculation of annual holiday payment, and the relationship between annual leave and other types of leave.

  • ANZAC Day

    This guide sets out information on employee pay in regard to Anzac day business closures.

  • Application for Employment

    An application form that is completed pre-interview (usually at the time the person comes to attend the interview) is a valuable tool for corroborating the information a person supplies in their CV.

  • Attachment Orders

    This guide describes the function of an attachment order and outlines what an employer is obligated to do if an employee is subject to one.

  • Audio Recordings

    This guide discusses the implications of secret recordings of conversations in the workplace with respect to privacy and surveillance.

  • Bargaining

    Our premier guide to understanding the rules of collective bargaining and the good faith obligations of the parties involved in bargaining.

  • Bargaining Agreements

    This guide provides information to assist with preparing for bargaining and includes a sample bargaining process agreement.

  • Bereavement Leave

    This guide provides an overview of bereavement leave in employment. It includes information on payment and time off available for employees who have suffered a bereavement.

  • Breaks

    This A-Z guide provides a brief outline of the requirements for employers in regard to the provision of rest, meal and infant feeding breaks in the workplace.

  • Casual Employees

    Employment under casual agreements needs to be properly managed so that workplace practices do not of themselves create a different legal relationship than that which was intended.

  • Child Support Deductions

    This guide discusses an employer’s obligation in relation to child support deductions.

  • Children’s Act 2014

    Use this guide to understand what the Children’s Act 2014 is and whether it applies to your workplace.

  • Collective Agreements

    This guide covers the operation of collective agreements including what they must contain and how they can be enforced.

  • Communication During Bargaining

    Our premier guide covers the rules around communication during bargaining and good faith requirements of the parties involved in the bargaining.

  • Construction Contracts Act 2002

    The Construction Contracts Act 2002 gives protection to building sub-contractors in the construction industry.

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