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  • Aspiring to Lead

    Our Aspiring to Lead Programme is designed for those who are new to leading and managing others. The course enables new leaders to develop a basic level of core management and leadership skills. Over two days you will cover 12 modules.

  • Lead to Inspire

    Our leadership programme for those who have been leading and managing others for more than 12 months. This two-day workshop is designed to develop competency in management and leadership skills.
  • Governance

    This programme will equip you with the right tools to work collaboratively and effectively with your board, and leadership team.
  • Team Leader Toolbox: Facilitating Your Team

    This one-day course will teach you how to build a team, manage conflict and get everyone humming at a high-performing level. You will learn about your leadership style and how to motivate individuals in your team to achieve targets.

  • Project Management for Non-Project Managers

    This full-day workshop provides a practical approach to processes and tools central to the basics of project management. You’ll cover organising, managing and measuring a project to ensure greater value is delivered to all stakeholders—both internally and externally.

  • Creating a Positive Workplace Culture

    This course will teach you how to identify negative behaviours and the practical steps needed to tackle the issue. It will give you a full prevention kit to create a workplace that fosters inclusiveness through clear policies, processes and guidelines.

  • Building Resilience Through Managing Stress

    This workshop will help you identify the components of resilience and provide you with achievable actions to help you ’surf the waves’ of work and life demands. You can expect to turn some of your challenges into catalysts for improved performance.

  • Managing Diverse Teams

    Diverse teams are an essential component for the success of any organisation. However, establishing and managing a performing diverse workforce does not happen overnight.

Leadership Flowchart

Our offering starts with courses for those who have recently moved into a position of supervisor or team leader, looking to build a team, running effective meetings and managing conflict.

We also run two leadership courses, each over two days, for less experienced leaders and those leading teams who have more experience but feel they have more to contribute. Both courses provide valuable insights into how a team performs, including differing levels of team motivation, performance management and more, ultimately developing effective tools to increase operational effectiveness and help businesses do better.

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