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Proposed Traffic Resolutions for Temporary Street Changes - Stout Street

Wellington Chamber of Commerce Submission

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Chamber Position

The Chamber writes to oppose the proposed traffic resolution TR-102-20 in its current state.
The Chamber fully supports the effort to increase Wellingtonians’ ability to social distance as the country continues to work its way out to the COVID-19 crisis.

However, we do not believe the Wellington City Council (the Council) have provided sufficient information regarding traffic resolution TR-102-20. We believe without this information we are unable to form a supportive view, and that the problem and policy solution remains ill-defined. Specifically, there is no information about the timeframes of this temporary order, nor about the impact of removing the car parks, such as the occupancy rates of the 39 car parks due to be removed. Further, it is not clear whether this is the best pedestrian route to and from the transport hubs of the bus station and train station – as there is no data provided about the number of Wellingtonians who use Stout Street to commute between Lambton Quay and the Stations, nor is there other information provided about the alternative pedestrian routes that are used in the city.

We believe the following questions ought to be answered before this project moves ahead...

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