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Applying for an ATA Carnet

If you would like to get a Carnet there are 3 things we need from you:

  1. An application form filled out and signed
  2. A goods list in the chamber format
  3. A bond in the form of a cash deposit OR a bank indemnity

Please email your completed application form and goods list to

A signed application form indicates you agree to the following undertaking:

  • The goods will be re-exported from any country into which they have been temporarily imported within such period as stipulated by any Customs.
  • If the goods are not re-exported within such period, the applicant will pay all duties, taxes and charges which may result from failure to observe Customs regulations and requirements both in New Zealand and abroad.
  • If any of the goods are sold overseas while covered by an ATA Carnet, the applicant accepts that penalty or claims handling fees of up to $500 NZD may be payable to the Wellington Chamber of Commerce.
  • The bond may be used to reimburse the Chamber for any duty, taxes or charges should these be incurred, and for any fees charged by the Chamber for the issue or regularisation of the Carnet.

When we put your goods on a Carnet, we become liable for any duties payable on the goods if they are not returned to NZ within a year which is why we hold a bond. The bond is calculated by the value of your goods, the countries you are travelling to and the description of the goods. You can use our security rate chart to calculate your bond amount, or we can calculate it for you once you have sent your application and goods list through to us.

If you would like to cover your bond with a bank indemnity, you will need to ensure you have allocated sufficient time to organise this. For first-timers the bank indemnity process alone can take up to 1 month. 

Issuing fees and other costs

All prices GST exclusive. Member pricing is offered to any member of a local New Zealand Chamber of Commerce.

Non-Urgent Service 

Application and Goods List received at least 72 hours before Carnet is needed

Good Value Member Non-Member
Less than $2,500 $250 $400
$2,500-$100,000 $280 $430
More than $100,000 $305 $455

Urgent Service 

Application and Goods List received between 36-72 hours before Carnet is needed

Good Value Member Non-Member
Less than $2,500 $350 $540
$2,500-$100,000 $390 $620
More than $100,000 $430 $680

Same Day Service

Application and Goods List received less than 36 hours before Carnet is needed

Good Value Member Non-Member
Less than $2,500 $400 $650
$2,500-$100,000 $450 $700
More than $100,000 $500 $750

Additional Fees

  Member Non-Member
Extra Trip $45 $60
Formatting Goods List $45 $55
Courier Fee $11 $11
Same Day Courier Fee Price on application
Reinstatement, Amendment or Certified Copy $170 $170
Cancellation Fee
At least 72 hours notice
$100 $100
Cancellation Fee*
Less than 72 hours notice
Full application fee

*If the application is cancelled for reasons outside of your control, you will be charged $200 (plus courier). This price is exclusive of GST.

  • Examples include – event cancellation, medical emergency, natural disaster.
  • Evidence will be requested to support your claim.
  • There must be no opportunity for the ATA Carnet to be used again.

Information about Carnet fees

  • All prices are GST exclusive. 
  • The time frames are based on working days. Public holidays are not included in the hours allowance.
  • Different courier options are available depending on your needs ranging from an overnight track and trace to same-day Pace services.
  • The Chamber cannot guarantee the availability of Next Day or Same Day Service.
  • Member pricing is offered to members of a local New Zealand Chamber of Commerce.
  • Only 1 overseas country is included in the initial Carnet fee.
  • Carnets cannot be sent to customers until the bond/indemnity/security is in place.
  • The fully completed and signed application form, goods list, and bond must be received by the Chamber within the allotted times above to qualify for a particular price.
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General contact

04 473 7224
Postal Address
PO Box 1087
Wellington 6140
Head Office:
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