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What does a Carnet consist of?

what does a carnet look like

A Carnet is a document that includes a green cover for its front and back, while its interior is composed of yellow, white, and blue pages. These interior pages are known as counterfoils and vouchers. Specifically, the yellow pages serve the purpose of validation by New Zealand customs, the white pages are meant for foreign customs or authorities, and the blue pages are intended for use during transits. The list of goods is printed on the back side of the front cover as well as on each of the vouchers.

Useful terminology

Counterfoil A page that CANNOT be removed from the Carnet. Needs to be validated by customs at each entry and exit point of a trip. These pages are found towards the front of the Carnet
Voucher A page that is kept by customs so they have documentation that the goods have entered/exited the country. These pages are found after the counterfoils.
Exportation When goods leave New Zealand
Importation When goods enter a foreign country
Re-exportation When goods leave the foreign country
Re-importation When goods return to New Zealand
Transit When goods must cross a foreign territory to reach their destination

How to use your Carnet

Step 1
Validating the Carnet

Upon receipt of the carnet, the Carnet Holder must sign in Box J of the Green front cover. 

The Green front cover page(s) must also be completed by New Zealand customs (Box H). This will be done at the same time as Step 2. The Carnet will not be valid unless this page is completed by New Zealand customs and signed by the Holder. 

Failure to have the Carnet’s front green cover properly validated by New Zealand customs prior to the first exportation from New Zealand may result in rejection by foreign authorities.

Validation can be obtained from New Zealand customs before your first trip as long as you arrive early, or on a date prior to your trip that you have organised with New Zealand customs ( . We recommend you get in touch with NZ Customs should you have any questions pertaining to Carnet validation specifically. 

Step 2
Exportation - Exiting New Zealand

Upon departure of New Zealand, the Yellow Exportation Voucher must be completed by the Carnet Holder/Rep and New Zealand Customs. Customs will detach and retain the voucher for its records. Customs will also stamp the first of four boxes of your Yellow Counterfoil page(s).  Check to confirm that customs has accurately listed your item numbers on the counterfoil and that it is dated and stamped by customs.

Step 3
Importation - Entering a Foreign Country

Upon entry into a foreign country, the White Importation Voucher should be filled out by foreign customs and the carnet holder representative. Foreign Customs will sign the first of four boxes on the White Counterfoil page(s). Check to confirm that foreign customs has accurately listed your item numbers on the white re-exportation counterfoil and that it is dated and stamped by customs. Item numbers should match those on the corresponding voucher. You must account for all items that entered the foreign country.

Step 4
Re-Exportation - Departing a Foreign Country

Upon departure of the goods from a foreign country the White Re-exportation Voucher must be completed by foreign Customs and the Carnet Holder/Rep. The box that pairs with the entry counterfoil on the White Counterfoil page must be completed by foreign Customs. If this form is not completed it could hold up the release of your bond if a claim is lodged by foreign Customs within the Claims Period (up to one year after the carnet expires). 

Goods must exit the country before the carnet expires. If customs indicated a ‘Final Date for Re-exportation’ at point No. 2 on the importation counterfoil, goods must exit the country by midnight on that specified day. In the E.U., the ‘Final Date for Re-exportation’ means from the entire European Union, not simply from the country of importation.

Step 5
Re-Importation - Returning to New Zealand

Upon re-entry of the goods into New Zealand the Yellow Re-importation Voucher should be signed by the Carnet/Rep holder and New Zealand Customs. New Zealand Customs will also sign the box that pairs with the exit counterfoil on the Yellow Counterfoil page.

Step 6
Return the Carnet

The Carnet must be returned to the Wellington Chamber of Commerce with all used and unused counterfoils and vouchers when you are finished travelling, or at the end of the one-year period of validity. We advise a track-and-trace courier as it is your responsibility as the holder to make sure the Carnet is returned to the Chamber. If a cash deposit was made please provide your account details on a deposit slip or on signed company letterhead. The account must be the same account from which the deposit came.

Before we release your bond, the Wellington Chamber of Commerce will verify that the Carnet was properly validated at all customs points, within the one-year period of validity. Once the Chamber is satisfied that the Carnet has been properly validated, the bond will be conditionally released. Please allow three to four weeks for completion of this.


Transit sheets are the blue counterfoils and vouchers used when you are passing through one country to access another. 

Note: Instead of validating the transit counterfoil and voucher, some foreign customs will validate a white importation counterfoil and voucher upon entry. If this occurs, be sure to have foreign customs validate the white re-exportation counterfoil and voucher upon departure. The United States often handles transit shipments in this manner.

The E.U. is considered a single customs territory, only requiring one white importation counterfoil and voucher when entering, and one white re-exportation counterfoil and voucher when leaving. Although it is usually not necessary to have your Carnet validated when travelling from country to country within the European Union, some customs officials may request it be presented for the validation of the blue transit sheets. 

Important to note: Since European Union customs authorities may be unavailable or unwilling to validate Carnets for goods moving between E.U. member countries, be sure to insist that a customs official validates the white re-exportation counterfoil and voucher prior to departing from your final E.U. country. Do not skip this step.

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